Kelab Kelapa Community Project
39 weeks | 20,000 meals | 35 Full Hearts

At the Coconut Club, kindness has been one of our grounding values since we opened in 2016. Our chef-founder Eng Su always walked the talk, treating every team member and customer with the same warmth, openness and generosity. 2020 presented an undeniably challenging year for everyone, inspiring us to give back and take care of our community in a committed and tangible way.

"When we looked around for a community organisation to partner with, Beyond Social Services stood out as an exemplary model of community development. They embed themselves in their communities and listen to them and to what their needs are. This gave us the confidence that our nasi lemaks would be distributed in a fair and caring manner that truly served the community and minimised wastage,” said Unsu Lee, Director at The Coconut Club. With that, the Kelab Kelapa Community Project was born.

Over 39 weeks, from 13 April 2020 to 8 January 2021, we partnered with Beyond Social Services by preparing and delivering hundreds of nasi lemaks to their beneficiaries weekly. These nutritious meals were our way of lending support to their meaningful efforts in helping children and youths break out of the poverty cycle. We are proud to have played a small role in their programmes to provide guidance, care and resources for families in order to keep their children safe, healthy and in school.

Reflecting on the positive impact the Kelab Kelapa Community Project has had on the Beyond community, Ranga Thangavelu, Deputy Executive Director said, "The Coconut Club (TCC) not only provided their excellent Nasi Lemak but laced it with compassion, care and trust in the communities we serve. When COVID hit, Beyond could see first-hand that many of our families were affected by job and income losses and were also coping with the increase in prices of groceries due to panic buying. We identified food provision for families as a key area that needed support. It was then that we received a call from the owners of TCC. They were one of the first restaurants to offer freshly cooked meals daily to the families in the neighbourhoods we serve. Since April, 623 families in 12 neighbourhoods have enjoyed about 10,000 servings of TCC's nasi lemak. Every day, TCC dropped off the hot meals at the blocks and community volunteers received them to distribute to their neighbours. The TCC staff worked closely with our team at Beyond to ensure the process went smoothly. When dining in restrictions were lifted, TCC even invited a few families to the restaurant so their staff team and the families could meet in person."

Cik Yati, a community member from Lavender and beneficiary of the Beyond community shared, “The nasi lemak is much welcomed by our community. It is not only delicious, but the mothers get some rest one day a week from having to cook dinner for the family. The weekly distributions also brought the community volunteers closer as we meet often and started our challenges at home sharing with each other. We became closer friends. Thank you TCC, for creating community with us."

If you are interested in finding out more about why we chose to partner Beyond Social Services, we invite you to read this article titled "A Cynic's View of Beyond Social Services" as it echoes our thoughts on how special and unique they are. To donate, volunteer or partner with Beyond Social Services, please visit to find out more.